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L'Insert for HAC in Liberty

Sale price€475.00
1. Select the Size of your HAC in Liberty: The right size for your insert

We recommend you buy L'Insert in the corresponding size to your bag.

2.Select Color: Azalée / Rainbow

Made-to-order in France

Ships within

Priority shipping included

Taxes, duties included

Protect your HAC in Liberty with L'Insert

The world's best HAC in Liberty organizer

Shield your HAC in Liberty from liquid spills and scratches, maintain shape over time and organize all of your belongings. This is L'Insert, designed to enhance your experience with your HAC in Libertys while preserving their value.



Made from water-repellent Alcantara, L'Insert protects the inside of your bag from liquid spills, make-up and ink stains, as well as key and hairbrush scratches.



Our proprietary fit is anti-sagging and gently maintains the shape of your bag over time, without ever forcing it into an unnatural shape.



Pockets of different sizes, guaranteed to stay perky, neatly organize all of your belongings for easy access.

How L'Insert is made

In France

With premium materials

By hand

To order

Receive L'Insert

Receive L'Insert