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Behind the scenes

Craftsmanship at 7RP

Our products are made by hand, in our own Ateliers on the French Riviera. Each and every 7RP piece is made to order specifically for the customer who orders it. Our team is composed of skilled crasftpeople, alumni of the few remaining couture and maroquinerie schools in France.

From start to finish

How L'Insert is made

What L'Insert is made of

Alcantara®, our material of choice

Produced in the Italian hills of Umbria since 1972, Alcantara is the result of a unique proprietary technology born in Japan.

Often used to coat the iterior of luxury cars, yachts and planes, we have chosen it for L'Insert for three main reasons:

  • Water-repellent: protects your bag from liquids
  • Stable pigmentation: lower color-transfer risk
  • Luxe smooth texture: total respect for your belongings
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