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L'Insert for Evelyne

Sale price€490.00 incl. shipping & duties to 🇪🇺🇺🇸🇨🇦🇦🇺🇸🇬🇭🇰
1. Select the Size of your Evelyne: The right size for your insert

Choosing a size

You are currently viewing L'Insert for Evelyne. Please note we do not presently carry L'Insert for Evelyne TGM (40cm).

L'Insert for Evelyne TPM (16cm) differs from our other Evelyne inserts. It includes credit-card pockets to allow you to go walletless and gain space.

2.Select Color: Graphite

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Made to order in France

Ships within

Protects: repels liquids and shields from scratches

Shapes: maintains your bag's natural shape over time

Organizes: fit all of your belongings in pockets that never slouch

L'Insert for Evelyne Sale price€490.00

Why your bag deserves l'Insert

Enhance your handbag

Preserving the value of your handbags while wearing them daily is what L'Insert is for. Shield your bags from liquid spills, make-up or ink stains and key or hairbrush scratches. Avoid sagging and maintain their shape over time. Organize all of your belongings in sturdy pockets. This is your handbag, ehanced.




How L'Insert is made

Behind the scenes

How L'Insert is made

Our products are made by hand, in our own Ateliers on the French Riviera. Each and every 7RP piece is made to order specifically for the customer who orders it. Our team is composed of skilled crasftpeople, alumni of the few remaining couture and maroquinerie schools in France.

In France

With premium materials

By hand

To order

Worldwide shipping

Express or Priority

Tracking number

Duties included

Receive L'Insert

Receive L'Insert