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Welcoming L'Insert home

Once again, thank your for your 7RP order. We are pleased L'Insert has made its way to you safely.

In this customers-only section, you will find useful information to get started with and take care of L'Insert. We've also included a gift reserved to return customers.

As always, we are at your complete disposal were you to have any questions.

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A gift for You

Complete your Collection

As a repeat customer, you have unlocked preferrential pricing. Enter this Gift Codeode at check-out to enjoy it on your next 7RP order:


grants you €50 off each insert in your next order.

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Care Instructions

How to care for L'Insert

Maintenance Clean

A little goes a long way. Learn how to take care of L'Insert on a regular basis.

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At-Home SPA

A few times a year, it feels good to deep clean L'Insert. Discover how.

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