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Investor Dispatch #1

What makes a good Hermès investment?

Whether you're a seasoned collector or just starting what many like to call your Hermès journey, whether your pieces are solid investment is a question you may be asking yourself.

In this first Investor Dispatch, we investigate what constitutes a good Hermès investment.

Factors that affect ROI

There are several factors that will impact the ROI of a Hermès bags. Some of these factors can be taken into account upon making the purchase; some others will only become evident down the line.

It should be highlighted that most factors are, to some degree at least, outside of our control. We can make more or less reliable speculations about the timelessness of style, the continued rarity of an objector its maintained relevancy... But ultimately, the market will decide.

External Factors

These factors affect your resell price and are outside of your control:

  • Relevance of style: Whether or not the style of your handbag matches current trends at the time of sale.
  • Rarity/Availability: How many bags likes yours are available on the secondary market at the time of sale.

When choosing what to buy as an Hermès investment, consider: the timelessness of style, the cultural context and the production quantity.

When choosing when to sell, consider the timeliness of your sale based on current trends.

Controllable Factors

These factors affect your resell price and you have control over them:

  • Condition: The physical state of your handbag at the time of sale.

It's simple: a well-maintained bag will fetch a significantly higher price on the secondary market compared to one that shows signs of wear, even light.

Take this Box Kelly Sellier from the year 2000, then retailing for about €4k. Imagine reselling it today, and find what it's worth based on its condition:

In As-New or Very Good condition, the bag makes its owner a 275% return. If it shows signs of wear like scratches, spills or structural sag, it loses 75% of its value or more:

Purchase price
Resell price

Increase your bags' ROI

If Condition is an impactful factor, Care is an impactful lever. Here are some of the ways in which you can look after your handbags to ensure they maintain their value:

1. Support your bag's Structure

Structural damage is guaranteed to damage your resell price. A bag that sags, that's been stretched or that displays markings or folds loses a large part of its value, dropping to a Condition of 3★/5. To ensure your bag stays in the best possible shape as it ages, focus on:

  • Limit contents: Bags forced to hold more than they can carry are likely to suffer structural damage. Limit how much you carry in your bags to limit leather disentention.
  • Proper storage: It is of utmost importance for their structural integrity that handbags be stored appropriately. Failing to store them properly can lead to structural damage. At 7RP, we prefer to store our Hermès bags in their dust-bags only, standing upright.
  • Support shape: Some bags need a little more support. This is especially true of softer leathers like Chèvre. We like storing L'Insert in our softer leather bags to maintain their shape over time.

2. Prevent & Remove Stains and Scratches

Staining liquids are the nightmare of any H bag owner. Carrying pens or make-up can be truly terrifying, and rightfully so. Ink and make-up stains and water spills can have disastrous consequences on your bag's resell value. Same goes for scratches made by sharp objects like keys and hairbrushes. These apply to the inside and the outside of your bags.

  • Protect with a liner: Bag inserts ensure the inner surface of your bag is entirely shielded. Opt for liquid-repellent L'Insert for full protection.
  • At-Home Care: learn to look after your leathers and exotics at home.
  • Hermès SPA: leathers in need to deeper loving and care can be entrusted to Hermès for in-house cleaning and servicing.

3. Prevent Sun Damage

Ensure your bag is not overly exposed to sunlight so it maintains its original color.

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