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Express Consignment by 7RP

Sell your handbags like nowhere else

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Discover Express Consignment

Consign with 7RP. Thanks to our unique position as an insert manufacturer, we are able to guarantee you payment within 21 days regardless of wether your piece sells.

If it doesn't sell on Le Marché, or if we select it for this purpose, we make the best of our purchase by using it for our R&D and Marketing activities.

We buy Hermès handbags, vintage and current, used and new, of all styles. We are also interested in SLGs, accessories and pret-à-porter by Hermès, Chanel and Dior. We are generally not interested in pieces in a condition grade below Good.

Punctually, we are on the look-out for specific pieces for research purposes or to curate a special capsule. We inform our customers to give them all the opportunity to sell, should they wish to.


Submit your pieces for review and receive an offer within three days.


We provide a shipping label for you to send your pieces to us.

Get paid

We pay within 21 days, regardless of whether your pieces sell.

Express Consigment

Tell us about the pieces you'd like to sell below.
We will review your submission, request additional information if needed, and make you and offer (within 3 days).

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