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100% Alcantara
Handmade to order in France.
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L’Insert PB1

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The sizes of our inserts vary according to the bag they are designed to fit. We recommend you select L'Insert in the exact bag style and size corresponding to the handbag you own. The amount of inbuilt pockets will depend on the size of the insert, though each insert features at least 2 device pockets.

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Worldwide Priority Shipping is always included. We post orders with trusted international carriers in DDP (Delivered Duties Paid). You will recieve a tracking number. Orders are individually handmade and packaged before being shipped off, which can take up to 7 working days.

We believe each refund request should be treated uniquely. If an issue arises, let us know and together we will find a solution. When you (and your bag) are satisfied, so are we.

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Fit & Shaping

The 7RP Signature Fit

We know what it’s like trying to fit your whole life in your bag. Every corner counts. That’s why every insert features our Signature Fit. It preserves access to your bag's original inside pockets while using the available space in the most efficient manner. And that’s not all. It also gives your bag a natural, shaped-up look without leaving marks on those precious leather and exotic skins. We want to keep your bag safe, snug as a bug and as spacious as ever.

L'Insert: Hermès bag organiser with Snug Fit
Detail of L'Insert's pocket

Technology & Technique

Delicately crafted to last a lifetime

Our processes and the technologies we employ guarantee that the pockets on L'Insert won’t ever slouch nor lose their perky shape. This makes each insert durable and timeless, just like your bag. This technique is part of our artisan façon. Our façon is dedicated to paying close attention to small details which make a big difference.

Design & Craftsmanship

The best there is for your collection

Our inserts are designed by passionate and experienced collectors who have been wearing luxury bags for over two decades. Our design process, which is both bag- and user-centric, includes research, prototyping and lengthy testing until the perfect version of a product is defined. Upon your order, a skilled member of our French Riviera atelier perfectly executes, by hand, the inserts of your choice.

Material & Properties

Alcantara® – our magic material

The luxurious Italian material Alcantara has become a worldwide favorite amongst leading designers due to its unique and exclusive properties. Currently mostly used for covering the interiors of luxury cars, our avant-garde decision to use Alcantara for L’Insert was an easy one. Why? Because your bag deserves the very best.

Alcantara detail orangeAesthetically alluring

Alcantara embodies a combination of sensory and aesthetic pleasures. Its suede-like feel is soft and exceptionally comfortable. Not only that, it is also very simple to take care of. Stains are easily removed and cold machine washes supported

Alcantara detail gold brown

Environmentally friendly

The manufacturing of Alcantara is 100% carbon neutral, meaning it involves very low CO2 emissions and pays back for the inevitable ones in carbon credits. The credits support environmental and sustainability projects.

Alcantara detail étoupe

Animal loving

Free from any animal substances, Alcantara is a vegan material. The animal rights organisation PETA has certified the fabric as “cruelty-free”, which means its production does not involve killing, harming or testing on animals.

Alcantara detail tourterelle

Resilient reliability

Alcantara is light, strong and extremely durable thanks to the microfibers in its raw ingredients. The stability of its pigment guarantees that the color will never run. It is also breathable, fire retardant and water repellent.

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