7RP Presents L'Insert

The Perfect H bag insert

L'Insert bag organizer for Hermes Birkin and Kelly bags
L'Insert Hermes Birkin Kelly Evelyne bag organizer

Designed to fit your bag with absolute perfection

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Made from the reliable hi-tech Alcantara fabric, L’Insert protects the inside of your bag from scratches, stains and liquid spills. Oh, and it doesn't only take care of your bag. It’s completely vegan and sustainably manufactured, protecting animals and the environment as well.

L'Insert shapes Birkin and Kelly bags


Our inserts are independently designed for each bag style, in order to obtain the ideal fit. That’s why it feels like a match made in heaven. Our signature Snug Fit ensures L’Insert slides perfectly into your bag, giving it a natural shaped-up look without leaving marks on leathers and exotics.

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Imagine your necessities, accessories and beyond - all neatly organised in your bag. L’Insert has at least six pockets for you to store your most prized possessions, including two pockets tailor-made to fit your mobile devices. We’ve taken spaciousness to the next level. Enjoy!