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Your €500 Gift Card

Inspired by the printmaking culture of West Africa, L'Insert in Wax is our latest limited edition capsule. It is available in very limited quantities and upon request only. Use the selector below to place a Purchase Request.

Place a Purchase Request

1. Select your print

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4. Enter your info

Repeat this process for each insert you'd like to buy. Once your Purchase Request is submitted, we will get back to you within 5 days. If your request is granted (first, second or third choice) you will receive a payment link. We ask that you confirm your order within 24 hours, after which your print will be granted to the next customer on the waitlist.

Please note that Gift Codes cannot be applied to your Purchase Request.

Our Wax Fabric

Our Wax fabrics are supplied by Vlisco, a prestigious Dutch house based in Helmond NL, where Wax Hollandais have been designed and produced since 1847. L'Insert in Wax is 100% cottong and machine-washable.

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