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About the Maison

Founded in 2016, 7RP is a brand devoted to augmenting the experience collectors have with their classic handbags. Our ateliers and headquarters are located on the French Riviera, meters from the sea. 

We are a family- and female-owned company, run by a mother-daughter duo. Our products are all hand-made in France by our full-time team of passionate craftspeople, in our own atelier. We hire graduates of French artisinal schools and are proud to be creating jobs in a field considered dormant. No part of our production is outsourced. We love what we do and we think you will too.


All of our products are hand-made to order in our own ateliers on the French Riviera. No part of our product is outsourced, so we can ensure our quality standards are always guaranteed.

Meet Marianne


Our maison was founded by Marianne Octobon, a devoted collector who has been wearing, selling and caring for luxury handbags for almost 30 years. It was obvious to her that wearing luxury bags on a daily basis requires the modern collector to take special care of their collection and of their investment. 7RP is one of her passion projects. Don't hesitate to say hello on Instagram and watch her interview below!


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